Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stampin' Up Regional Training Swaps

 I received some beautiful swaps at the Stampin' Up Regional Training Day on Saturday and have mounted them on a display board.

Amongst the swaps were these fabulous 3D ones, the photos do not really do them justice.  There are lollipop and chocolate holders, bookmarks, a fragrant candle, sewiing kit, handkerchief holder and a bird lapel pin. 

So much time and effort has been put into these, it is amazing and I am so grateful for being one of the recipients and to have attended the event

This is the swap from my lovely upline Zoe, who made one for each of her team members, a beautiful card and folder with some magnets using the stamp set all demonstrators were  given FREE on the day. Thank you Zoe
and everyone for their inspiration

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  1. Hi Linda, I'm glad you liked the gift and my swap. I love yours too and can't wait to show it and all the other lovely ones from our team to my ladies on Friday. Thank you for coming to Telford. Zx