Thursday, 24 July 2014

Graduation Day

We had a very enjoyable, sunny and proud family day yesterday. It was our eldest daughter's (Louise) graduation day. After graduating from York University in 2012, she has now completed a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln to become a fully qualified teacher. After spending a significant amount of time doing work experience in various schools, she starts her first full time Teaching job at Canon Peter Hall School, Immingham in September 2014.

The graduation was held at Lincoln Cathedral, which was a fabulous venue for such an occasion and even better with the sun shining down! :-) 

Although we had some professional photograpghs done (available in 4-6 weeks), Paul insisted on taking his usual 'click-click' opportunities at every opportunity (Egged on by Louise though!)

In addition, a complete stranger offered to use Louise as a 'Guinea Pig' for his Photography learning experience and has published them on his website:- 

Below are some that Paul took:-

Louise finding an alcove to escape the sun at the Cathedral

One for the Family album or scrapbook!

Proud Parents

  Louise and Martin

Family Day out (Thankyou for taking, Martin)

In the Cathedral Annex

The ceremony started at 10.15am and lasted about 1 hour 15 minutes. In total there were 1046 students who graduated throughout the day in three different ceremonies

Louise pretending to be Mary Poppins! Flying High

We had some photos taken around the Cathedral and then walked back to the University where we were provided with Strawberries and Prosecco wine as part of the celebration. With the hot weather, Paul and Martin managed to persuade them to swap the Prosecco for a nice cold Pint...

As it was such a glorious day we travelled to Daisy Maid for a fantastic icecream

and then finished the day off with a celebration meal at Damons Restaurant

We are now looking forward to our youngest daughter, Leanne's graduation in October!

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  1. Fantastic family photos of a very special day - well done Louise and congratulations, you must have worked so hard xxx