Monday, 10 November 2014


It was a proud moment last week, when our youngest daughter Leanne graduated with a degree in Criminology. 

This is the second Graduation this year and that means both our daughters have surpassed our educational expectations and are starting to venture out into the world of being young professionals. Louise started her first full time teaching job in September and Leanne has just been offered a Support Officer role working for NHS plus. Both occupations that they aspired to...

Well done and Best Wishes in your new roles/Careers.

Leanne's graduation was at the  University Centre Grimsby complex (Nunn's corner) and I have to say we were impressed by the decor and arrangements that had been put in place and believe it or not the ceremony was only 45mins.....which was great... The professional photographs will be about 6 weeks away, so here is a preview of some taken with Paul's camera...

We then had the usual professional photographs and champagne reception.

As you would expect, this gave me another opportunity to make another Graduation card and as normal, I choose the wise old owl, as a basis for the theme...


  1. You have every reason to be extremely proud of your beautiful and clever girls, they are a shining example of how well you have brought them up, congratulations Leanne on graduating and securing your new job xxx

  2. I'm not surprised you are proud with two clever daughters and both employed!! Well done to both of them. Love your card too! Zx