Host A Workshop

There are big changes to the hostess benefits!!!!

We no longer have the tiered system so good old hostess levels are GONE!!

Instead the hostess simply receives a £ amount based on the totalling sales. She then is free to choose how to spend her money, on hostess exclusive sets or on catalogue items of her choice. This is so much more flexible and guess what else is really cool?  A total order of £150 will ensure you can still afford the most expensive hostess set in the book if you so fancy it, no longer you need to spend £600 to get a bigger more expensive hostess set

Here is the table above. A £150 workshop gets you £25 in hostess pounds which you can spend in our heavily discounted hostess section or in the main catalogue. If your workshop hits £300 you can see you would get £50 Hostess Pounds and the chance to have one item at 50% off!!!  - half price Big Shots, half price Marker Pens, half price Ink Pad Storage Caddy's - yep, you can have them all at half price. Anything at half price - how fantastic is that????

If you wish to book your workshop with me straight away and see some of the new products ASAP please contact me today to get your event booked.